jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Time To Write.

Hoy en inglés,nos han mandado copiar un texto con las palabras que faltan y contestar a las preguntas sobre el texto.

Dear Mark
Hi! How are you?Yesterday I went on a trip with my school.We went to Hunstanton.We visited an acuarium.We saw penguins,jellyfish and seals.
I played with some of the baby seals in the pool.Then I watched the penguins.
They swim underwater.

I liked the seals best.This is a photo of a baby seal.They have a seal hospital at the acuarium and they look after the seals when they are ill.
February is so cold.IT was freezing,but I had a great time!
See you soon!



1.When did Chris go on the school trip?

2.What did he visit?
 The acuarium.

3.What did he see?
See you soon.

4.What did he play with?
This is a photo of a baby seal.

5.What did he like best?
I laked the seals best.

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